Employment Issues

Seattle Employment Law Attorneys

You may have faced a situation at your workplace that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. You may have been victimized, discriminated against, or faced inappropriate behavior from a coworker or supervisor. You may have encountered a situation where your boss made you feel uncomfortable and thought you had to continue to suffer shame and embarrassment because of limited job opportunities. If you have been treated unfairly, or wrongfully lost your job, help and resources are available. Premier Law Group is here to give you answers to your questions as you fight for your right to fair treatment from your employer.

Types of Employment Cases

There are several areas of the law that protect worker’s rights. Knowing what these are can make all the difference in winning your fight for justice.

  • Wrongful Termination – If you’ve been terminated as a result of discrimination based on your ethnicity, age, gender, religion, or sexual harassment then you have an opportunity to regain your job status and lost wages.
  • Wage and Hour Disputes – If you are aware of the inequitable pay rate you’ve been receiving since you started your job or transferred to another position, you can obtain legal help to recover compensation that may be owed to you. Compensation areas can include hourly rates, overtime, and training time.
  • Retaliation – If you were harassed, terminated, or encountered a negative action from your employer which can be proven, an employment issue attorney can work with you to fight your case.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Claims – If you’ve been denied approval of a FMLA request and your situation falls under the legal categories which permit time off work, you have a right to insist fair treatment and protection of your job while off work.
  • Sexual Harassment – Experiencing sexual harassment is never acceptable and should not be tolerated especially while on your job. If you believe you have a sexual harassment case, an employment attorney can help protect your rights as a worker. Particularly against sexual advances including rape and assault, exposure to sexual images, and inappropriate verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Coercive Sexual Conduct – This category also covers inappropriate sexual behavior. However, victims are forced into compromising situations which cause fear regarding their job security. This type of behavior can cause prolonged stress especially when not dealt with after the first occurrence. Nevertheless, legal help is available to put an end to such behavior.

Delays Can Damage Your Case

If you are considering taking action against an employer or former employer, time is critical. Statute of limitations laws narrowly define the amount of time from an incident that you have to commit to a course of action. The employment attorneys at Premier Law Group understand the stress and embarrassment that is associated with workplace harassment. You don’t have to continue to be a victim of your employer’s intimidating behavior. An employment attorney will work hard to uncover evidence that can support your workplace harassment claims. You shouldn’t take a chance of jeopardizing your job or rights as an employee. Premier Law Group has successfully represented clients with employment issue cases in Seattle, Bellevue, and all of Washington and can help you. If you would like to obtain legal services immediately, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or submit the online request form today.