What if I am in an accident and do not have car insurance?

All drivers should have insurance coverage. It’s the law in nearly every state, and the legal and financial consequences of driving without insurance are severe. It is without a doubt in your best interests to purchase insurance. If you have questions about how to get the best possible coverage within your budget, we are happy 

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Do I Have To Use My Own Insurance?

Let’s assume you were in an accident, and you and the other driver both have insurance. You have two options: You can make a claim with the other driver’s insurance, or you can make a claim with your own. Which one do you choose? The answer is: Either one. You are not required to use 

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Will my insurance rates go up after an accident?

If you were not found at fault in the accident, your insurance rates will not go up. You are protected under Washington State law from having your insurance rates raised due to someone else’s negligence. You will also not have your rates raised if you use your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to take care 

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Why must I sue the other driver in my car accident trial?

When we take a case to trial, one question our Vancouver and Washington state clients typically ask is, “Why am I suing the other driver? Why can’t I sue their insurance company instead?” The answer is a bit complicated. Legally, you will never sue the insurance company. It is against the law in Washington State 

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Will I Have To Go To Court For My Auto Accident Case?

Not necessarily. We understand that going to court is a stressful experience. In an ideal world, every client of ours would reach a satisfactory settlement without ever needing to set foot in a courtroom. In fact, most of the clients we sign at Premier Law Group will receive a settlement offer they are happy with 

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How much will I get if I win my car accident case?

In our experience helping victims of auto accidents, most people seeking our services want to know one thing: How can I get better from my injuries? In any personal injury case, the client’s foremost responsibility is always to attend appointments with doctors, do prescribed treatments, and rest and relax. We occasionally have the client who 

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VIDEO: What is UM/UIM coverage and should I have it?

Hi I’m Jared, I’m from Premier Law Group, and today I’m going to answer a common question I hear: Should I purchase UIM or UM coverage? And the answer to that is, yes. But before we get to why you want to get that coverage, let me explain what that is.