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An attack from a dog can leave painful, severe and sometimes even lifelong injuries. These attacks can be especially frightening because of the difficulty to get the dog under control once they’ve entered this aggressive state. Even worse, children are often the innocent victims of such attacks. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their animal does not harm others and the state of Washington has a dog bite statute in favor of victims. It’s important to contact an experienced Seattle dog bite attorney as soon as possible after an incident like this to began planning your next steps.

Facts About Dog Bites:

Owners are strictly responsible for their dogs, and severe injuries they may inflict on others, “regardless of former viciousness or owners knowledge of such viciousness.” (RCW 16.08.040)

  • If there was proof that the animal was provoked, that can remove the owner’s liability.
  • A severe injury is defined as broken bones or disfiguring lacerations that require many sutures.
  • These laws do not apply to the lawful use of police dogs.

How can PLG help with your case?

At Premier Law Group, we understand that figuring out what to do after you have been injured by a dog can be very confusing, and are here to help you through the process. We are aggressive personal injury attorneys with years of experience in successfully representing people in Seattle, Bellevue, and Vancouver who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. We have won millions of dollars for our past clients and we will do whatever we can to help you recover the maximum possible compensation. If you have been injured by a dog and someone else was to blame, call us at (206) 285-1743 for a free case evaluation. In fact, if we handle your case, you pay absolutely no legal fees unless we win. You shouldn’t have to face medical bills alone. We’ll help guide you through this difficult experience with as much ease and care as possible.