Two Pedestrian Accidents Monday | Washington Accident Attorney

Jason Epstein
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Monday afternoon saw two pedestrian accidents: one involving a young girl and the other an elderly man. The first happened at Tampico in Yakima, while a 74 year old man was adjusting the idle on his car. He reached inside to turn the engine on, but the car had been left in reverse. Making a sudden move backward, the vehicle knocked the man down and a tire ran over his head and chest. He was awake when taken to the hospital, but other information was not immediately known. In a separate incident, a sixth grade girl was crossing the street on a crosswalk when a bus exiting a driveway struck her. The young girl was taken to a local hospital from the scene, which was near Lake Stevens Middle School.  She was conscious when taken to the hospital, but more information about her condition is not known at this time.

A pedestrian accident is possible for someone of any age. It’s as important to teach young people how to be safe pedestrians as it is to follow those same measures as an adult. If you are going to be near or handling vehicles, you owe it to yourself and everyone else on the road to take every precaution. Do not only rely on traffic signals but also be on alert for oncoming traffic while in the road. As a Seattle personal injury attorney, too often I see how one mistake can lead to tragedy.