Seattle Auto Accident Attorney | Seattle Nightlife Gets a Little Safer: New Taxi Stands Installed Downtown

Jason Epstein
Jason Epstein is a Seattle personal injury attorney, fan of the original Star Trek, and his favorite superhero is The Hulk. Find Jason on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

As a Seattle Auto Accident Attorney, I’ve dealt with a drunk driving accident or two, and I’ve learned a lot about them over the years. The one thing you don’t have to be an expert to know is that they are completely avoidable. Call a friend; or better yet let them sleep and get a cab! Now this is going to be easier than ever with new dedicated cab stands popping up in Seattle.

Between 10 PM and 6 AM, certain curb space in the downton, Fremont and Capitol Hill neighborhoods will be restricted to cabs-only. Seattle Mayor McGinn said that they worked hard to keep these stands away from residential areas and in places that worked to benefit the local businesses. Local business owners are also happy that the couple thousand partiers who flood the city on the weekends will have a new way to get out of town.

Being a personal injury lawyer, I know that it isn’t always easy to find a cab in Seattle late at night. That’s why I’m glad that the city is creating this new option for people to get home safely. Hopefully this will encourage people to leave their cars at home when they go out on the weekends, and grab a cab instead!