Everett to Seattle Commute Disrupted by Man in Tree | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

Jason Epstein
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Hundreds of people’s commutes from Everett to Seattle were rudely disrupted this morning all because of a man in a tree. The Seattle Police Department was alerted that a man in a tree had been calling for help at around 5:30. Apparently he had climbed about 40 feet up, because he “likes to climb”, but officers are saying that he was actually attempting to flee from police. Earlier in the morning, he had broken into the home of his ex-girlfriend and attacked her roommate.

When police tried to encourage the man to come down from the narrow tree, it is reported that he removed some of his clothes and made a hammock out of them. Overall, his behavior was erratic and senseless, and no doubt frustrating. Seattle Police Department Detective Mark Jamieson said that because the tree was right next to the railroad tracks, they had to stop the trains. Many passengers were trapped on the Sound Transit trains for over an hour, and an Amtrak train and some freight trains were also held up.

Hours later, the man did come down from the tree, but his ridiculous behavior definitely caused some headaches this morning.